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BEWOODEN - 捷克 手作木製 ALIQ領結的商品介紹

BEWOODEN - 捷克 手作木製 ALIQ領結目前網購只要2620元
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BEWOODEN - 捷克 手作木製 ALIQ領結

BEWOODEN - 捷克 手作木製 ALIQ領結

Aliq 準備成為世界旅行家,選擇這款時尚的配飾周遊在海外的任何特殊場合及關鍵時刻。找出各城市的秘密,欣賞世界的奇觀。
在藝術畫廊,喝一杯美味的咖啡。無論您在紐約、巴黎、羅馬還是特拉維夫,Aliq 木領結都準備好了,與您一起從容享受當下。

The Aliq is ready to become a world traveler. Choose this trendy accessory for any special occasion and for magical moments abroad.
Find out the secrets of cities. Admire the wonders of the world. Drink a cup of wonderful coffee while at an art gallery.
Whether it's New York, Paris, Rome or Tel Aviv, Aliq is ready to go.

Take the Aliq on your life journey - #bewoodenworld

BEWOODEN - 捷克 手作木製 ALIQ領結


“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” Audrey Hepburn

BEWOODEN - 捷克 手作木製 ALIQ領結


“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Chanel

BEWOODEN - 捷克 手作木製 ALIQ領結


We feel a great sense of responsibility towards nature. Which is why we use only excess wood from partner workshops.

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